Piedmont Handgunners Association, The Friendliest Shooting Club in North Carolina

Current News


**Urgent Notice** Gate Combination Change


The combo for the gate will be changed as of November 1st. Members should begin using the new combination on that day.



**Notice** Buffalo Match Date Change

New Date October 29th

Gate opens 8:30 AM

Practice as soon as targets are up

Registration ends 11:45 AM

Competition begins 10:00 AM

will be held on the 3rd and 5th Sunday of each month



PHA will have it’s second archery match on Saturday, 29 July 2017, at 900 am.  Bring your bow and enjoy a match utilizing game targets on our course.  Contact Match Director Cody Reed, PHA Board member, if you have any questions.  His contact info is available on our website contact button.


Please don’t forget to return your renewal as well as the ballot with your vote for officers and board members this year. Ballots for the upcoming year 2017- 2018 are going to be mailed out the first part of June along with your renewal form- 1 page front and back (range rules are on the back). As in the past our Range Rules form MUST be signed each year. For a membership card to be issued to a spouse, they must also sign the renewal and range rules. We are including a self addressed envelope for all members to return the renewal and ballot to us this year. Ballots must be in by 03 August and renewals by 01 September, but it will be easier to return both at the same time in the enclosed envelope.

Current Changes to the Buffalo Match

In order to bring in more competition, we are temporarily changing our rules.  Starting at our May 21st shoot, we will open the competition to all calibers offered around 1896.  Only lead style bullets without jackets or gas checks are legal. We will also have a separate scope class, period scopes are not mandatory.  These changes are temporary and will be subject to modification as needed.

Currently, PHA has about 800 members and holds, a Falling Plate match, a Just for Fun .22 rifle and pistol match, a .22 Precision Rimfire Match, a Two Gun Tactical rifle and pistol match, NRA High Power rifle, a Defensive Pistol match, Vintage Buffalo Shoots, and five stand and wobble shotgun shooting. Our ranges are available to our members daily from 8:00 a.m. to Sundown.

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We donate thousands of dollars to local and national charities because we value the idea that all worthwhile organizations should contribute where there’s a need. Our original idea was to serve our community by providing a place to shoot for a reasonable cost and promote recreational shooting and marksmanship. We have come a long way since 1979 and we have a much larger footprint but these goals remain the mission of Piedmont Handgunner’s Association.

Ancient History

In 1979, Mont Mendenhall, David Motsinger, Jim Weaver, Woodrow Johnson, Glenn Shelton, Gary Wilson and Dick Jones met and formed Piedmont Handgunner’s Association with the idea of practicing together for the NRA Hunters Pistol matches held at Rowan County Wildlife Assn. Dick Jones was elected president, pha 30th 035Glenn Shelton, vice president, David Motsinger was treasurer and Jim Weaver was secretary. The goal was to promote shooting, have a place to shoot and compete as a group. Early practice sessions were held in Dick’s cow pasture. Annual membership dues we
re $25. Within a month, Mont volunteered the use of his property near Colonial Country Club as a location for a range where the club could hold its own matches. The club affiliated with NRA and NCRPA and began holding Hunters Pistol, Smallbore Hunters Pistol, and NRA Smallbore Silhouette Rifle matches. Entry fees for members were $3.00 and, for non members, $4.00.
In 1981, the club held the first ever North Carolina State Hunter’s Pistol Championships. The club began holding action pistol and bowling pin matches in 1982, the same year, Bob Clark affiliated the club with the Director of Civilian Marksmanship and formed a junior club. In 1983, we held the NRA Hunters Pistol National Championships, won by Charlie Davis from Georgia. Also that year, David Motsinger came up with the idea to form a corporation to sell stock and accumulate money to buy our own property. PHA Range was formed with 85 shareholders buying the current property for about $40,000. Since that time, those members get their dues paid by the club as rent for the property the club uses.
In 1984, the club sent its first team to Camp Perry for the NationalTrophy Matches and our newly formed club team beat both North Carolina state teams. The club branched out to host bench rest, high power rifle, bowling pin, and action pistol matches. In 2007, PHA put in a five stand shotgun range, making the club a true, full service shooting club.
Recognizing that there might be a need to expand in order to keep the club operable, PHA formed PHA Range II in 2010. PHA Range II has 100 stock holders who hold $100,000 in funds reserved to serve as an emergency fund for the purchase of critical additional land should it come up for sale.
In 2010, the Club added the five tactical bays above the High Power rifle range. Those bays now host the Two Gun Tactical and Defensive Pistol Matches. In 2015, the club added the Dedicated .22 Rimfire range that now hosts the Just for Fun and Precision .22 rimfire matches. That same year, we also purchased an additional 18 acres of land that borders the original 60 acres on the North side. Our current project is a building behind the 100 yard range. At over 800 members Piedmont Handgunners Association is growing to accommodate the growing interest in recreational, competitive, and defensive firearms ownership.