.22 Rimfire Match Results

Ron Gearren .22 Rimfire Match, April 18, 2019
We had a great turn out with 11 shooters. It was a nice day but windy at times. Congratulations to Dave Roberts for joining the “250 Benchrest Club” with a 250/11X shooting a Winchester 52C.

Keith Swicegood
Match Director

Sporter 80 yd. class:
Keith Raulston249/20X winner
Kendra Herbert 245/13X – 245/14X
Keith Swicegood249/19X – 248/12X
Sporter 50 yd. class:
Dave Roberts250/11X – 245/5X winner
Factory 50 yd. class:
Bobby Hall 235/9X
Vince Swicegood248/23X – 246/21X winner
Paul Brinkman244/19X