.22 Rimfire Match Results

Ron Gearren Rimfire Match, June 13th
was a nice cool morning to shoot a .22 benchrest match. So ten shooters showed up to see what they could do.

Sporter Class 80
Tom Whitlow had the top score with 244/11X in Sporter 80.
Vince Swicegood scored 250/9X in the Sporter 50.

Factory Class 50
Bobby Hall shot his first 250 /16X but it was only good for 3rd place.
David Motsinger shot a 250 /21X but it was only good for 2nd place.
Keith Raulston shot a 250 /23X for top score. This was his first 250.

Tough group, eh? This is some great shooting by these competitors!

Benchrest Results June 8th
With an overcast day and an unforgiven wind made it a challenging day for 22 benchrest.
We had a great turnout and started sharply at 8:00 am.  Results are as follows:
Open site class – 50 yards 
1st – David Motsinger using an Anschuiz 64m, 250, 17x’s
2nd — Dave Roberts 249 10x’s, 
Factory class – 50 yards 
1st – Tom Whitlow using a CZ rifle, 250, 22x’s
2nd – Harold Fullam 248 with 20x’s
Sporter class – 50 yards
1st – David Motsinger 250, 15x’s using a Cooper 57m
2nd – Kendra Herbert 249 11x’s
Sporter Class – 80 yards 
1st – Keith Swicegood using a Winchester 52, 250, 21x’s
2nd – Vince Swicegood  – 246, 12x’s

Tom Whitlow entered the PHA 250 Club.  Special thanks to Harold Fullam for coming early to help set up the range. Thank you for coming out and supporting our benchrest match.  See you next month!

David Motsinger, Match Director

Ron Gearren Rimfire Match, April 18, 2019
We had a great turn out with 11 shooters. It was a nice day but windy at times. Congratulations to Dave Roberts for joining the “250 Benchrest Club” with a 250/11X shooting a Winchester 52C.

Keith Swicegood
Match Director

Sporter 80 yd. class:
Keith Raulston249/20X winner
Kendra Herbert 245/13X – 245/14X
Keith Swicegood249/19X – 248/12X
Sporter 50 yd. class:
Dave Roberts250/11X – 245/5X winner
Factory 50 yd. class:
Bobby Hall 235/9X
Vince Swicegood248/23X – 246/21X winner
Paul Brinkman244/19X