.22 Fun Match

The .22 Fun Match is held on the second Saturday of the month, starting at 9:00 a.m. The is not held on days when the high temperature is below 40 degrees. Match Fee is $5.00, per gun fired. Any .22 Long Rifle Rimfire gun can be used. Targets are reactive steel. Classes are iron and optical sighted rifles and iron and optical sighted pistols. Shooters shoot from both standing and bench rest positions. Ranges are 25 and 40 yards for rifles and 15 and 25 yards for pistols. Course of fire is 10 shots in ___ seconds, with a total of 80 shots per match.

A .22 rimfire Bench Rest Match is fired after the Fun Match with heavy rifle, sporter rifle, semi-auto rifle and iron sighted rifle classes. Range is 70 yards, 20 shots per match.

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