Buffalo Match

Current Changes to the Buffalo Match

In order to bring in more competition, we are temporarily changing our rules.  Starting at our May 21st shoot, we will open the competition to all calibers offered around 1896.  Only lead style bullets without jackets or gas checks are legal. We will also have a separate scope class, period scopes are not mandatory.  These changes are temporary and will be subject to modification as needed.

PHA Buffalo Matches are held the third and fifth Sunday of every month.  The gates open at 9:30 am and registration and practice begins at 10:00 am.  Fee for the twenty shot match is $10.00.

Matches usually consist of two relays of ten shots each. Relays are shot from the bench with unlimited practice rounds taken prior to the start of the match.   Shooter must use front cross sticks, but no rear support of any kind. Shooting takes place at 200 yards at steel silhouette targets with firearms designed before 1896.  Single shot cartridge rifles and lever gun shooting single shot, are used.  Only lead bullets without gas checks are allowed.  Only cartridges loaded with black powder, black powder substitute and smokeless powder are legal.  Suggested equipment is spotting scope, front rest, water, snacks, ammo and eye and ear protection.  Approximately 30 rounds of ammo is recommended for each match and practice.

Match Director: Johnny Griffin

Contact (336) 674-5347 for further information.