Buffalo Match

Buffalo Match

Each 3rd and 5th Sunday of the month, a bunch of shooters gather at the 200 yard rifle range. The main gate will be open at 8:30AM. Using rifles of a time around the latter half of the 1800s, we compete with single shots and lever guns. Any cartridge developed before1896 will qualify. The usual ones are the 45-70 (and the rest of the 45-), 40-65, 38-55, 32-40, 25-20,  and others. Lead bullets only. No gas checks.  Single shot or lever guns of the time period or replicas thereof. There are some black powder shooters among us. We enjoy shooting the guns and powder of yester year and you will find that some of the rifles are amazingly accurate with BP as are some with smokeless powder.

At this time our targets are paper and steel, all at 200 yards. We shoot from the bench using “bench sticks” for a rest. The bench sticks is a usually a board with two more boards that form and and are capable of a scissoring action to adjust to the correct height. The scissor boards are usually 2” X 1”.  We fire two strings of 15 rounds each. We rotate the shooters after each string until all have fired the two rounds. There is a $10.00 fee to shoot in the match.

Categories: Iron sights – targets will be 15” rectangle and/or 15” disk. 90%+ – targets will be 12” disks. Scope – targets will be 8” disk.

(A 90%+ shooter is one who has scored 90% or more of target value in the last three matches)

Match day procedures:

Gate opened at 8:30AM

Registration will begin around 9:00Am. As you arrive rack your rifles. Use an ECI in your rifle. Pipe cleaners will work. Lever actions will have levers open. At this time the Match Director will have a brief safety meeting and answer questions. At 10:00AM, at least three designated shooters will be called to the line with their rifles and equipment. Each shooter will need a spotter/score keeper. There will be an Iron Sight shooter. A *90%+ shooter. A scoped shooter. The Iron Sight shooter will have a 16” x 16” square or a 16” disk for his target. The 90%+ shooter will have a 12” disk. The scope shooter will have an 8” disk. There will be a 200 yard High Power target affixed to the back drop over each steel target. At the direction of the Match Director the shooters will have 5 minutes for sighters on steel only. The Match Director will call cease fire. The Match Director will instruct all shooters to begin the competition. Each shooter shall engage, in this order, the paper bullseye with 5 rounds. The scoring lines will be the value of each shot. Xs will decide ties. A shoot off will be held if there are X ties. Each shooter will then engage the steel target with 10 rounds. All fifteen rounds in the string will be fired at each shooters pace. Later we may put a time limit on each string. After all shots are fired, the Match Director will call Cease Fire and request that all rifles be racked. The range will be called COLD and helpers will go and paint, paste, or replace targets as needed. We will paint, paste, or replace after each string.

Harold French

Match Director