Buffalo Match Results

PHA Buffalo Match Results
May 16, 2021

PHA Buffalo Match
April 18, 2021

The April 18, 2021, PHA shoot hosted 16 shooters who were glad to see warmer weather.
All enjoyed being out-of-doors Our next match is May 16, 2021. Spring has sprung.
Come join us for some shooting fun!

Iron Site Black PowderScore
Tommy Berry286-1X
Jim D’Louhy263-2X
Roger James**298
Jed Norris255
Dennis Williams278-3X
Scope-Black Powder
Dick Bernier284
Bill Pasco**290-3X
Iron Sight-Smokeless
Keith Swicegood*284-1X
Don Alexander236-1X
Bob Bonkosky*289-4X
James Clubb268-4X
Dale Flinchum266
Tommy Gobble170-1X
Sammy Houser223
Bill Howell175-3X
Steve McLeod287-4X

PHA Buffalo Match
March 21, 2021

The March 21, 2021 PHA Buffalo Shoot Match hosted 18 shooters who were glad to see the sunshine and to escape the havoc wreaked by COVID for a few hours. Our next match is April 18, 2021. Come join us for some outdoor fun!

Iron Site Black PowderScore
Jim D’Louhy171
Greg Henderson278-4x
Roger James292-3x
Jed Norris264-1x
Frank Phillips271-1x
Don Spry221-1x
Patrick Shealy237-1x
Randy White294
Dennis Williams*298-2x
Scope-Black Powder
Dick BernierDNF
Bill Pasco*296-3x
Iron Sight-Smokeless
Keith Swicegood*303-3x
Bob Bonkosky286-3x
James Clubb283-3x
Dale Flinchum284-4x
Tommy GobbleDNF
Sammy Houser162
Steve McLeod*290-2x