Buffalo Match Results

November 15, 2020

NameCategoryScoreTie Break
Dale FlinchumScope287**
Harold FrenchScope232
Sam HauserScope197
Greg HendersonIron BP272
Roger JamesIron BP2751x
Steve McLeodScope2812x
Jed NorrisIron BP298**1x
Frank PhillipsIron BP2963x
Randy WhiteIron BP2523x
Keith SwicegoodIron3033x

August 30, 2020
We had a great Sunday shoot and fifteen shooters filled the air with smoke.  Frank “Huggy” Mitchell dropped in after a long absence and many get well prayers.  Huggy had been the cornerstone of our matches and has been sorely missed. The next match is September 20. Come and join us.

NameCategoryScoreTie Break
Bob BonkoskyIron299**
James ClubbIron2793x
Don DavisIron BP260
Dale FlinchumScope2873x
Harold FrenchScope2582x
Tommy GobbleScopeDNF
Sam HauserScope2042x
Roger JamesIron BP274
Steve McLeodIron295**1x
Jed NorrisIron BP2853x
Bill PascoeScope BP2972x
Frank PhillipsIron BP302**3x
Don SpryIron BP2611x
Keith SwicegoodIron269
Dennis WilliamsIron BP240

August 16, 2020
The Buffalo Match was a bit cooler this month. We had 9 shooters for this match and things ran smoothly. Come out and join us next on August 30th. 

NameCategoryScoreTie Break
Bob BonkoskyIron283**
Dale FlinchumIron2271x
Tommy GobbleScope2832x**
Sam HauserScope2602x
Roger JamesIron BP2952x**
Jed NorrisIron BP2491x
Bill PascoeScope BP2944x
Don SpryIron BP2282x
Keith SwicegoodIron264

July 19, 2020
The Buffalo Match was sunny, hot, but bearable. We had 7 shooters for this match. And things ran very smoothly. We sure missed some of the old pros that used to join us. So, get off your duffs, load some ammo and come out and join us. 

NameCategoryScoreTie Break
Dale FlinchumIron310*3x
Sam HauserScope2781x
Roger JamesScope BP281
Jed NorrisIron BP289
Frank PhillipsIron BP316*3x
Don SpryIron2371x
Dennis WilliamsIron BP272

January 19, 2020
Opening Sunday of 2020 was chilly, but bearable. Eleven shooters showed up to welcome in our first match of the year. Our next match is Feb. 16 and we are looking forward to seeing some of the buffalo shooters who were sidelined in the past year.

NameCategoryScoreTie Break
Bob BonkoskyScope2932x
James ClubbIron2832x
Dale FlinchumScope BP3001x
Roger JamesIron BP203
Steve McLeodScope259
Jed NorrisIron BPDNF
Bill PascoeScope BP3163x
Frank PhillipsIron BP238
Patrick ShealyIron BP2942x
Don SpryIron290
Keith SwicegoodIron2981x

December 15, 2019

NameCategoryScoreTie Break
Bob BonkoskyScope2762x
James ClubbIron299**1x
Dale FlinchumScope BP2872x
Tommy GobbleScope286**2x
Sam HauserScope1941x
Roger JamesIron BP234
Steve McLeodScope2741x
Jed NorrisIron BP2841x
Bill PascoeScope BP2975x
Frank PhillipsIron BP3102x
Don SpryIron266

November 17, 2019

NameCategoryScoreTie Break
Dale FlinchumScope2835x
Tommy GobbleScope288**1x
Sam HauserScope58
Steve McLeodScope2692x
Jed NorrisIron BP300**
Frank PhillipsIron BP2971x
Keith SwicegoodIron3033x

October 20, 2019

NameCategoryScoreTie Break
James ClubbIron302**
Dale FlinchumScope BP2974x
Sam HauserScope123
Jed NorrisIron BP2702x
Harris RummageIron290
Don SpryIron299
Keith SwicegoodIron2945x

September 29, 2019

NameCategoryScoreTie Break
Bob Bronkosky                          Iron3071x
James ClubbIron284
Dale FlinchumScope BP2962x
Harold FrenchScope213
Tommy GobbleScope2782x
Sam HauserScope281
Roger JamesIron BP254
Jed NorrisIron BP3061x
Frank PhillipsIron BP301
Harris RummageIron3081x
Don Spry          Iron248
Keith SwicegoodIronDNF

September 15, 2019

NameCategoryScoreTie Break
Bob Bronkosky                          Iron3071x
James ClubbIron284
Tommy GobbleScope2962x
Sam HauserScope213
Steve McLeodScope2782x
Jed NorrisIron BP281
Eddie NunnIron254
Frank PhillipsIron BP3061x
Don SpryIron248
Keith SwicegoodIron3041x

August 18, 2019

NameCategoryScoreTie Break
Dick BernierScope BP265
Bob BronkoskyIron225
James ClubbIron300
Dale FlinchumIron2851x
Tommy GobbleScope2953x
Sam HauserScope166
Roger JamesIron BP2871x
Al McCreaIron270
Steve McLeodScope2802x
Jed NorrisIron BP2871x
Chuck PiperIron BP268
Harris RummageIron3102x
Don SpryIron2842x
Keith SwicegoodIron293

July 21, 2019

NameCategoryTotal ScoreTie break
Dick BernierScope BP2791x
Dale FlinchumIron298
Howard FrenchScope3023x
Tommy GobbleScope1965x
Sam HauserScope215
Roger JamesIron BP 3022x
Al McCreaIron235
Jed NorrisIron BP2973x
Bill PascoeScope BP2887x
Frank PhillipsIron BP292
Dave RobertsScopeDNF
Harris RummageIron2991x
Don SpryIron2791x
Keith SwicegoodIron2572x

June 30, 2019

NameCategoryTotal ScoreTie break
Tommy GobbleScope278
Sam HauserScope 214
Roger JamesIron BP2831x
Steve McLeodScope216
Jed NorrisIron BP2461x
Eddie NunnScope185
Frank PhillipsIron BP2833x
Dave RobertsScope2801x
Don SpryIron253
Keith SwicegoodIron294

June 16, 2019

NameCategoryTotal ScoreTie break
Dick Bernier      Scope BP1781x
Doug DavisScope BP 1121x
Sam HauserScope287
Jed NorrisIron BP3033x
Bill PascoeScope BP278
Chuck PiperIron BP2451x
Dave RobertsScope2601x
Don SpryIron267
Keith SwicegoodIron289

May 19, 2019

NameCategoryTotal ScoreTie break
Dick Bernier      Scope BP271
Doug DavisScope BP 27 DNF
Dale FlinchumScope2943x
Sam HauserScope2121x
Roger JamesIron BP227
Steve McLeodIron183
Jed NorrisIron BP2742x
Bill PascoeScope BP3184x
Chuck PiperIron BP248
Dave RobertsScope238
Don SpryIron280
Keith SwicegoodIron2982x

April 21, 2019

Name Category Score Tie break
Dick Bernier Scope BP 246 1X
Doug Davis Scope BP 45 DNF  
Dale Flinchum Scope 285 4X
Steve McLeod Iron 248  
Jed Norris  Iron BP 296 1X
Don Spry Iron 276  
Keith Swicegood Iron 289 1X

March 31, 2019

Name Category Score Tie Break
Randy Franklin Iron BP 307 1X
Roger James Iron BP 299  
Jed Norris Iron BP 221  
Frank Phillips Iron BP 333  
Frank Mitchell Scope BP 225  
Don Spry Iron 288 1X
Keith Swicegood Iron 311  
Dale Flinchum Scope 288 2x
Sam Hauser Scope 272 3x