Defensive Pistol Match

Defensive Pistol Match Results

The match is held every 4th Saturday of the month. Match fees are $10. ROs shoot for free. The match is open to anyone wishing to practice use of a pistol in a dynamic shooting environment. Competitors are expected to be knowledgeable in manipulating their firearm and practice good firearm safety. The match is open to beginners. The match consists of 5 stages with a mix of paper and steel targets, with barricades and fault lines. There will be moving and shooting. Competitors will be expected to engage targets using defensive strategies such as; “near-to-far”, slicing/pie a corner, and using cover. Scoring is raw time plus points/penalties. We will engage targets from 1 to 25 yards. Scoring is like IDPA but with fewer rules/restrictions on equipment. Required equipment is a conventional pistol (No AR-15 Pistols) a proper holster that protects the trigger guard, a belt, spare magazines (magazine retention is recommended) and 100-150 rounds of ammo. Eye and ear protection are mandatory for all competitors and spectators. This match is held on a cold range. No guns may be out of holsters or in hands unless in a designated safe zone or when called to the line as the shooter by the RO. No ammo may be in the gun at any time until given the command by the RO. Use of your daily carry gun is strongly encouraged. Please clear your carry gun of all ammo before coming to the range if you choose to use that gun.

Shooters will be grouped into the following categories:
SSP – Stock Service Pistol. Any factory purchased pistol and a barrel of 4” or more.
CCP – Compact Carry Pistol. Any stock pistol with a barrel of less than 4”
Revolver – Centerfire revolvers of any kind.
Rimfire – Any rimfire pistol.
Open – Any pistol modified with a red dot, flared mag-well, compensator, or race-gun type holster rig.

The match will be held year-round, weather and holiday schedule permitting.
Match setup begins at 7:45am
Sign up opens at 9:00am
Safety briefing begins at 10:00am
First gunshot at 10:15am

Match Director
Isaac Smith

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