2021 Falling Plate Match

The PHA falling Plate Match is held on the 1st Saturday of every month at 9:30 am under the direction of Dan Jones. This match is not held in rain, snow, or temperatures below 30°F.

The entry fees are $10 for the first gun fired and $5 for each additional gun entered by the same competitor.

In order to compete, you will need any centerfire or rimfire handgun (stock and race guns are scored separately), 96 rounds of ammunition, and preferable a holster and extra magazines.

The match consists of 96 shots. This consists of 2 rounds of 48 shots at 10, 15, 20, and 25 yards. There are 2 stages of six plates at each yard line. The 10-yard line has a par time of 6 seconds. The par time increases by 1 second with each increasing distance. Centerfire guns must make the plate fall. Rimfire guns must strike the plate and are visually scored.

The safety briefing starts promptly at 9 am. If you arrive late and miss the safety briefing, you will not be allowed to compete.

When the safety briefing has started, the gates will be locked. The gates will be unlocked for 15 minutes after the match ends. If you are not a member of PHA and need to leave during the match, please let the match directors know. We will assist you in exiting the gate.

Match Directors

Dan Jones

Austin Cooper

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