2021 High Power Rifle Match

High Power Match results

Piedmont Handgunners Association


17 April, 22 May, 26 June, 24 July, 28 August, 18 September, 23 October.

Piedmont Handgunners Association

PHA Range, 10346 NC Hwy 150, Churchland NC (see website for directions)

Competition is open to all.

Entry Fees:       
PHA Members……….$15

(Note: All juniors shoot their first match of the year free)

Accepted from 0815 until safety briefing.

Start Time:   
The first relay will be called to the line at 0900. Gate opens NLT 0800.

Note: PHA rules state that competitors for any club match must be present for the safety briefing.  Failure to arrive in time to attend the briefing (approximately 0845) will result in not being allowed to participate in the match.

Current NRA HP Rifle Rules will govern the match. Competitors will score targets, but not their own.

Match schedule and conditions:
The course of fire will be 50 rounds fired at 200 yards using NRA-approved target to simulate National Match Course. Sighters may be fired during a sighting-in period prior to the first stage of the match if there is no more than 1 relay. The match will be an unsquaded, individual match, fired at stationary targets. Rifles must conform to all NRA rules (3.1, 3.1.1, 3.1.2, and 3.3) for High Power Marches for Service rifles, Match rifles, and all other rifles currently accepted by NRA Rules. The course of fire may be increased to 80 rounds (20 rounds for each stage) with no less than one (1) week notice published on the club website.

Stage 1:              10 rounds slow fire standing in 20 minutes (SR target).
Stage 2:             10 rounds rapid fire sitting in 60 seconds (SR target).
Stage 3:             10 rounds rapid fire prone in 70 seconds (SR-42 target).
Stage 4:             20 rounds slow fire prone in 20 minutes (MR-52 target).

NRA classification system will be used (Section 19).

Awards will be certificates given to the Match winner and winner of each classification having a minimum of four competitors. Additional awards may be given at the discretion of the Match Director based on the number of competitors and other factors.

Contact:    Neil C. Evans, Jr. () or PHA web site: phashoots.net



0800:  Gate opens
0815:   Sign-in/registration/match fee collected/scorecards given out.
0840:  Target set-up will begin (or sooner if 10 competitors are present).
0841:   Continue receiving entries.
0900:  Safety briefing, the match begins.

Relay and target assignments will be made after sign-in and target setup is complete.

The maximum number of competitors on the line will be 10, with targets 1 and 12 assigned as hospital targets for every match.

For future PHA Vintage or NRA HP matches, relay #2 will score relay #1 and vice versa. Competitors will NOT score their own targets. All competitors are expected to assist in the setting up and breaking down of the target system unless there is a medical/physical problem.

If there are more than 10 competitors (but less than 20), relays will be divided into equal competitors on each relay (plus or minus one if necessary) to allow as much space for each shooter as possible.

Competitors will not claim a firing point and equipment will NOT be allowed on the line until sign-up is completed and relay/target assignments are made.

We are trying to make our match go as smooth as possible and make sure everyone has as much space as we can.

We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to a great year.

Neil and Wayne

NOTE: The official NRA Match Bulletin can be obtained by sending an email to Neil.


Want to become involved or host a new event?

If you’re a member and would like to help with an existing or host a different competitive shooting event, please contact the match director or club president and describe the match you’d like to host.