High Power Match

Piedmont Handgunners Association







PHA will again have Vintage Military rifle matches this year before we start the NRA matches in April.  Garands and earlier style rifles (1945) are eligible for awards.


We will follow the same format as last year.  There will be 2 matches, each consisting of 30 rounds fired each day.  The match will mirror the CMP Vintage matches for position and time.  Each match will be fired at 200 yards and consist of “walk and paste” type scoring.  Shooting 2 matches allows for competitors to fire 2 different types of rifles if they desire, or may fire the same rifle twice.


Course of fire will consist of:


Stage 1:           5 sighters and 10 rds for record SF from prone, single loading for each rd,                          fired in a total of 18 minutes (includes prep time)

Stage 2:           10 rds RF fired from prone loading a clip of 2 and a clip of 8, or 5 and 5-                           weapon dependant, fired in a total time of 80 sec

Stage 3:           10 rds SF fired from standing, single loading fired in a total time of 10 min


Target will be the standard 200 yd HP target


As last year, if you want to use this match as a practice for NRA matches, you are welcome to bring your M1A’s, AR’s, etc, but please let us know ahead of time.  There will be limited space and we plan to give priority to the Vintage shooters.





In addition to the regular Vintage Rifles, we are looking at incorporating a “Vintage Sniper Match” with our regular Vintage Match for those who would like to bring out the A4’s, 98’s, etc with scopes and compete (CMP rules on qualified rifles are the guidelines).  The course has not been locked in yet, but will be fired at the same time as the Vintage match.  The round count per stage may vary some, as well as required position, but will fit into the firing/scoring of the competitors firing the regular Vintage course.  There will be props for simulated “Sniper” positions (prone, sitting, kneeling), as opposed to the vintage rifles, ie through a window, from a log (sandbag), etc.  The target may be the 300 and 600 yd reduced targets from NRA HP matches (SR42/52) in order to make it a little more “fun”.  Round count will be 30 rds (probably) for the Sniper match.


Please email Wayne and Neil if you have an interest in the Sniper match.


We will see what the interest is and go from there.  If there is enough interest, we may hold a separate fun match in March to help prepare for the CMP Eastern games.







Dates:                    22 April, 27 May, 24 June, 22 July, 26 August, 23 September, 21 October, 18 November 2017    (special note- Nov match is on the 3rd Saturday of the month, all other matches are scheduled for the 4th Saturday)

Sponsor:               Piedmont Handgunners Asso.

Location:              PHA Range, 10346 NC Hwy 150, Churchland, NC  (see website for directions)

Eligibility:              Competition is open to all

Entry Fees:

PHA Members…………..$15.00



(Special note: All juniors shoot their first match of the year free)

Entries:                  Accepted from 0845 until the last relay goes to the line

Start Time:            First relay will be called to the line at 0930. Gate opens NLT 0830

Note: Match may start at 0900 during summer months.  Notice will be made available on Club website. Gate and entry will open early on these days.

Firing:                     Current NRA HP Rifle Rules will govern the match.  Competitors will score targets, but not their own.

Match schedule and conditions:

The course of fire will be 50 rounds fired at 200 yds using NRA approved target to simulate National Match Course.  Sighters may be fired during a sighting in period prior to the first stage of the match if there is no more than 1 relay.  The match will be an unsquaded, individual match, fired at stationary targets.  Rifles must conform to all NRA rules (3.1, 3.1.1, 3.1.2, and 3.3) for High Power Matches for Service rifles, Match rifles, and all other rifles currently accepted by NRA Rules.  The course of fire may be increased to 80 rounds at the discretion of the Match Director based on, but not limited to, number of competitors, weather, or other considerations.

Stage 1:                 10 rds slow fire standing in 10 minutes (SR target)

Stage 2:                 10 rds rapid fire sitting in 60 seconds (SR target)

Stage 3:                 10 rds rapid fire prone in 70 seconds (SR-42 target)

Stage 4:                 20 rds slow fire prone in 20 minutes (MR-52 target)

Classification:      NRA classification system will be used (Section 19)

Awards:                 Awards will be Certificates or Plaques, given to Match winner and winner of each classification having a minimum of four competitors.  Additional awards may be given at the discretion of the Match Director based on number of competitors and other factors.

Contact:                Neil C. Evans, Jr.    or PHA web site:    phashoots.net

Want to become involved or host a new event?

If you’re a member and would like to help with an existing or host a different competitive shooting event, please contact the match director or club president and describe the match you’d like to host. Currently, we’re looking for someone to host the Action Steel, Buffalo Shoot, USPSA, and Cowboy shoots.