High Power Match Results

March 23
PHA had the second Vintage match of the year and had much better weather, and actually had sunshine! There were ten competitors there to shoot with a good variety of old military stuff. There were two K-31’s, an old Trapdoor (try that in rapid fire), M1s, carbines, 03A3, and 1917, as well as a few of the guys shot modern military for practice.

Askew, Andy Bolt Action 270-2 Single Load 263-3
Bowling, Wendell Modern 291-13 Modern 274-8
Cole, Devon Auto Load 264-4 Modern 273-2
Coyle, Joe Auto Load Malf DNF Modern 220-4
Hall, Jay Auto Load 199-1 Auto Load 185-0
Hemphill, Wayne Bolt Action 276-5 Auto Load 240-2
Kassner, Karl Modern 279-16 Modern 288-11
Lane, William Auto Load 281-5 Bolt Action 241-0
Robertson, Mel Auto Load 165-0 DNF
Tate, Stephen Auto Load 276-2 Bolt Action 258-3

High Self Loading: William Lane
High Bolt: Wayne Hemphill
High Modern: Wendell Bowling