Two Gun Tactical


Match Director: Dan Murphy ()

Match Description:
The PHA Tactical Match is held on the 3rd Saturday of every month, weather permitting.
The match consists of five stages. Stages involve the use of rifle and pistol in a USPSA-style
practical shooting environment. Total round count for the match is no more than 200 combined
(rifle and pistol).
Match Fees:
 Regular Competitor: $20
 PHA Member: $15
 LE/Military: $15
 Match Volunteers: Free
 Designated Medic (Limit 2): Free
 Centerfire Optics
 Centerfire Irons
 Pistol-Caliber Carbine
 Heavy Metal
 Rimfire
Match Timeframe:
 Setup: 0800
 Sign-In Opens: 0845
 RO Walkthrough: 0930
 Shooter Safety Meeting: 0945
 Match Start: 1000
 Match End: 1500-1600
Practiscore is used for match registration and scoring. Scores are typically available on within 24 hours.
An up-to-date rule set and minimum equipment guidelines can be viewed and downloaded from
Google Drive:
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Contact the Match Director via email at 

Want to become involved or host a new event?

If you’re a member and would like to help with an existing or host a different competitive shooting event, please contact the match director or club president and describe the match you’d like to host. Currently, we’re looking for someone to host the Action Steel, Buffalo Shoot, USPSA, and Cowboy shoots.