Two Gun Tactical


The PHA Tactical Match is held on the 3rd Saturday of the month at 10:00 AM, weather permitting. Match fees are $20 to shoot the five stages, $15 for shooting the five stages a second time with a different gun. PHA members and active duty military and law enforcement receive a $5 discount.

The match consists of 5 stages with different scenarios each month. All matches involve movement and shooting around barricades and through windows and doors at USPSA style targets. You begin shooting at the sound of a buzzer. Total round count will be between 100 to 150 for the match (including pistol rounds). Bring at least 150 rifle and 50 pistol to be on the safe side.
You can use center fire and rim fire. For center fire, rifles used are AR-15, Mini-14, AK-47’s and similar. For rimfire, the new ARs in .22 can be shot, along with other .22 semi-automatic carbines. We have 6 divisions – Center fire Optics, Center fire Iron Sights, 22 Rim fire, Heavy Metal (.30 or larger), Youth and Ladies.
Pistols can be used in any pistol caliber. Shooters will need 2 rifle magazines (25 rds. or more minimum) and at least 3 – 8 round pistol magazines. Before each stage the range officers will explain safety rules and provide a walk through.
Allow yourself enough time to enjoy a great time. Registration time starts at 9:00AM.
Stages set up starts at 8:00.
During the Tactical Match we run a cold range. That is all fire arms must be unloaded with chambers empty and magazines out. Chamber flags must be showing in all rifles. If you don’t have a chamber flag, they are sold at the match.
USPSA Targets are used during the match and the following scoring system is used:
A zone = no time penalty
B zone = no time penalty
C zone = +1 second
D zone = +2 seconds
Miss = +5 seconds
No shoots = +25 seconds

Want to become involved or host a new event?

If you’re a member and would like to help with an existing or host a different competitive shooting event, please contact the match director or club president and describe the match you’d like to host. Currently, we’re looking for someone to host the Action Steel, Buffalo Shoot, USPSA, and Cowboy shoots.